Tygerberg Nature Reserve

City of Cape Town - Western Cape - South Africa

This page provides a summary of the data I gathered during an informal camera trap survey of mammals species at Tygerberg Nature Reserve. It is meant to showcase the wildlife species that were still present at the reserve during 2010-2011.

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You can also find more information about Tygerberg on the Friends of Tygerberg Hills website at: http://tygerberghills.co.za/

Currently the following mammal species have been identified at the Tygerberg Nature Reserve using camera traps:

# English Name Afrikaanse Naam Scientefic Name
1 Bontebok Bontebok Damaliscus pygargus dorcas
2 Pygmy Mouse Dwergmuis Mus minutoides
3 Large Grey Mongoose Grootgrysmuishond Herpestes ichneumon
4 Cape Clawless Otter Groototter Aonyx capensis
5 Grey Squirrel Gryseekhooring Sciurus carolinensis
6 Domestic Cat Huiskat Felis catus
7 Cape Grysbok Kaapse Grysbok Raphicerus melanotis
8 Cape Gerbil Kaapse Springmuis Tatera afra
9 Small Grey Mongoose Kleingrysmuishond Galerella pulverulenta
10 Small-Spotted Genet Kleinkolmuskeljaatkat Genetta genetta
11 Rock Dassie / Hyrax Klipdassie Procavia capensis
12 Marsh / Water Mongoose Kommetjiegatmuishond Atilax paludinosus
13 Honey Badger Ratel Mellivora capensis
14 Reddish-Grey Musk Shrew Rooigrysmuskusskeerbek Crocidura cyanea
15 Caracal Rooikat Caracal caracal
16 Large-Spotted Genet Rooikolmuskeljaatkat Geneta tigra
17 African Striped Weasel Slangmuishond Poecilogale albinucha
18 Striped Polecat Stinkmuishond Ictonyx striatus
19 Four-Striped Grass Mouse Streepmuis Rhabdomys pumilio
20 Grey Rhebok Vaalribbok Pelea capreolus
21 Vlei Rat Vleirot Otomys irroratus
22 Porcupine Ystervark Hystrix africaeaustrlis